Requalification of the waterfront of the internal Gulf of Olbia: works nearing completion

p> There is very little to go until the completion of the works on the new Olbia seafront : asphalts on the road and road markings (also on the cycle path) remain to be built , and the walk will be ready for inauguration and fruition.

The lighting and underground utilities have been built, the construction management reassures. As soon as the laying of the asphalts is completed and the horizontal signs have been created, the promenade can be inaugurated, red zone permitting.

A long history of the waterfront that will be named after Francesco Cossiga, with a project born and financed during the Giovannelli administration and carried out by the current Nizzi administration.

Other information: SEAFRONT WITH A VIEW OF THE FINISH LINE video from the Vimeo channel of Olbianova .

Source: Olbianova.