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Prof. Gianni Plicchi was born in Bologna on 11 February 1941
- in 1966 he graduated in Engineering at the University of Bologna (UniBO)
- in 1970 he won the competition for the post of Assistant Lecturer, Surgical Clinic, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (UniBO)
- from 1968 to 1973 he created the organisational foundations that led to the formalisation of the first Biomedical Technologies service in Italy, tasked with researching new technologies, at the Sant’Orsola Polyclinic, Bologna, and the School of Specialisation in Biomedical Technologies of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, and open to those holding degrees in Biological Medicine and/or in Physics and Engineering
- in 1973 he took his Diploma of Specialist in Biomedical Technologies
- from 1973 to 2000 he was the Director of the Department of Biomedical Technologies (a university- managed hospital service)
- in 1980 he won the competition for the post of Associate Professor of Technological Applications in Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, UniBO
- from 1987 to 1998 he was Director of the School of Specialisation in Biomedical Technologies (UniBO)
- in 2000 he became Director of the Specialisation Course in "Planning, Management and Evaluation of Healthcare Services” (UniBO)
- formerly Confirmed Associate Professor (Scientific Sector, Discipline ING-IND/34, Industrial Bio-engineering) at the Clinical Department of Radiology and Histopathological Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery (UniBO) and Director of the Biomedical Technologies Section, Clinical Department of Radiological and Histopathological Sciences (UniBO)
Prof. Plicchi's research has mainly focused on the study and development of cardiac implantable devices; he is the inventor of the early patents (US04596251,US04576183,US04567892 in 1986, US05501702 in 1996), that comprises the use of rheographic techniques in rate-responsive pace-makers for monitoring respiration and minute ventilation: these methods are currently adopted by all pace-makers manufacturers.
Moreover Prof. Plicchi's research on implantable physiological sensors led to the development of a new sensor of cardiac contractility, based on a microaccelerometer inserted inside the heart (US05693075, US05609612 of 1997, Snia Group (Sorin) is the assignee of these patents) and already implanted in over 4000 patients.

For what concern the high-tech healthcare facilities, the pursued research activity mainly concerns the study of isolation method of infectious or immunodepressed patients, the study of ultraclean ventilation systems for operating rooms, the study of disinfection and sterilization and the study of innovative technology for materials and instruments traceability. Moreover, the following studies (commissioned at the Biomedical Technology Unit, Clinical Department of Radiology and Histopathological Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, University of Bologna): the Feasibility Study and the Peliminary Project for the new San Gavino Monreale Hospital commissioned by Sanluri Health Authority n.6, the Feasibility Study for the enlargement of the Sassari University Hospital Authority and the the drafting of the analysis and preliminary indications of the feasibility study for hospital structures of the Carbonia Health authority N°7.; have recently been drawn up.

Prof. Plicchi is the author of more than 290 scientific publications and he is the inventor of 16 USA patents, 8 European patents, 27 Italian patents, 6 USA patent applications, 6 European patent application and 5 Italian patent applications. 

Since 2004, within the ambit of study into cardiac mechanics during heart failure, Prof. Plicchi worked on the first experimental application in animals of a Coriolis sensor for monitoring rotation of the apex of the heart (an important systolic and diastolic function index).
A new field of research, which started up in 2002, is the study of techniques of intracardial navigation. Prof. Picchi contributed to the development of a robotic system for implantation of chronic cardiac stimulation electrodes and for remote manipulation of catheters inside the cardiac chamber for atrial fibrillation electrophysiology and ablation.
In 2000, Prof. Plicchi devised and experimentally assessed a device for percutaneous route transfer of therapeutic, pharmacological or biological agents (stem cells, angiogenetic factors) to the myocardium(US 6.620.139).
Since 2000 his studies have been addressed to the role of Endocardial Acceleration signal assessed by the endocardial micro-accelerometer to optimize in CHF patients the function of implantable resynchronization devices.
- From 1993 to 2006 Prof. Plicchi has been working with his team as a scientific adviser to the current SORIN Group, which in-cludes leading companies in the field of implantable devices and systems for dialysis and extracorporeal oxygenation.
- In 1988 he acquired and reorganised a major accredited private health provision structure (Villa Laura S.p.A.) 
- with bedspace for 140 patients and a turnover of approx. 18,000,000 Euros – of which he was the chairman and majority shareholder until 2007.
- In 1987 he set up one of the first clinical engineering services companies (3S-Società di Servizi per la Sanità S.r.l.). This company, which had won important contracts, was acquired in 1998 by General Electric.
- In 1979, starting out from an original idea regarding the methods for preservation of market-garden produce (US 4,411,918), a device was deployed, for large-scale use, for the purpose of preservation of vegetable organisms. The device is still produced by the company, Kontek S.r.l., founded by Prof. Plicchi.
- In 1973 the training and experience gained by Prof. Plicchi led to the founding and scientific management of an important company for the production of implantable cardiac electrostimulators (Biotec S.p.A., taken over in 1986 by Medtronic Inc., a multinational based in the USA and a world leader in this sector).
With his technical office, “Studio Tecnico Prof. Ing. G. Plicchi”, Prof. Plicchi engages in many planning activities and on-site management of healthcare/industrial facilities. In the last ten years the studio has designed works for a total value of € 3.244 million.
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